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"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

~Albert Einstein

About Us

Our Mission


To provide the best pet sitting services in the world and use revenues from those services to invest in the well-being of people and animals across Arizona.

What We Are


We are a Domestic Benefit Corporation. This means that we are legally structured for the purpose of providing public benefits in addition to profits.

How We Do It


We hire the best pet care professionals we can find and take responsibility for the quality of care dogs receive. We leverage modern Pet Sitting Software to create peace of mind for human customers. And we allocate a majority of profits from each quarter to support Arizona non-profits.


Connor Burton | Ahwatukee Dog Walker

Connor is the owner and founder of Burton and Dogs Inc, as well as the primary service provider for clients and staff in the 85044 zip code. He House Sits for dogs throughout the calendar year and runs Burton and Dogs Inc remotely from their homes! Connor started Burton and Dogs as a sole proprietor in 2017, and has quickly grown his doggy operation through direct word of mouth referrals. No advertising!


Cooper Burton | Ahwatukee Dog Walker

Cooper is our Co-Pet Sitter, Co-Dog Walker, and Co-Founder of Burton and Dogs Inc. He is the main service provider for the zipcodes 85045 and 85048 In addition, he might be the most natural dog-friend in town! His earnest, fun-loving personality makes even the most nervous dogs fall in love. 


Carson Burton | Scottsdale Dog Walker

Carson is the youngest Burton brother. He's been walking dogs and house sitting for clients in Arizona for two years. He is reliable, professional, and eager to help our human and animal clients live happy lives. Get in touch with him or any of the Burton brothers via phone at 480-448-6839 or visit our sign up page here.


We Employ Professionals

Burton and Dogs is a true pet sitting company - not just a "platform." We hire (yes, actually hire) the best, most compassionate and communicative people we can find to provide services for your dogs. Our guarantee is that your dedicated service person won't just be someone looking to make "extra cash" over the summer or during school breaks. Caring for animals is our passion in life. So, think of us as an alternative to the growing number of impersonal pet sitting and dog walking apps that don't take responsibility for the level of care your dogs receive.


We Are a True Benefit Corporation

Burton and Dogs is proud to be a Domestic Benefit Corporation. We are dedicated to enhancing well-being in Arizona through direct capital investments in non-profit organizations, as well as creative employment-based endeavors to address homelessness, nutrition needs, and mental health issues. To this end, rather than spend money on advertising through Google, Facebook or Yelp, we allocate profits from each quarter for non-profit sponsorships, which enable amazing organizations to put on events and provide services that make life better for stakeholders in Arizona like you.


Dog Walking - $15 to $20/Walk*

  • 30-minute Walks
  • Time-Stamped Video and Photo Updates
  • Estimated Arrival Times + Post-Walk Report Cards
  • Dedicated App and Location Tracking Enabled Through Modern Pet Sitting Software

*Standard Price For a Single Walk. Add Multiple Walks To Your Service Order For Rates As Low As $15/Walk. Additional dogs are $5 each


Overnight House Sitting - $50 to $60/Night*

  • Premier In-Home Overnight Service
  • 15+ Hours spent In-Home/Day
  • No Need To Board Your Dog In an Unfamiliar Place
  • Walks, Poop Scooping, Mail Retrieval, and any requested chores Included
  • Daily Time-Stamped Video and Photo Updates of meals, medication, etc.
  • Dedicated App and Pet Sitting Software Allows You To Stay In The Loop and Check In on Your Dogs Anytime

*Standard Price For Single Night. Add Multiple Nights To Your Service Order For Rates As Low As $50/Night. 

**Note: if you're in the Ahwatukee area and one of the Burtons is available for the dates you need, we can provide your house sitting request for a custom rate as low as $40/night. Availability limited. New clients should enter their information here or give us a call @ 480-448-6839.


Potty Breaks and Feedings - $15 to $30/Visit

  • 20 to 45-Minute Visits
  • Quality Time With Your Animals
  • Time-Stamped Video and Photo Updates
  • Post-Visit Report Cards Via Modern Pet Sitting Software
  • Daily Estimated Arrival Times
  • Vacation Solutions and Regular Workday Solutions

Our Yelp Reviews

Mary Bogdanov


"I use Connor for morning dog walks and overnight stays when I go out of town. He is the absolute BEST! He is so trustworthy and truly loves both dogs and cats so much that I know he is going to give my pets top priority. My dogs sit by the window each morning waiting for their walk with him. He's very accommodating and flexible with schedules to make dog walking and housesitting super easy with me. I wouldn't use anyone else to look after my pets and house."

Danielle and Josh


"We have used Connor twice now for when we left on vacation and I couldn't be happier! It so hard to find someone you trust to care for your pets like family and to come to your home while you aren't there. My dogs are my life so leaving them was really hard for me but Connor is the BEST! He really made the extra effort to make sure my dogs were taken care of during my vacation and sent me text and picture updates throughout the day. You can really tell he has a passion and love for animals. I would seriously recommend him to anyone!!! Also we have a 250 lb dog and a 10lb dog and he was great with both :) he even took Gimli, our English mastiff (250lbs) on walks, which isn't easy to do and he was amazing." 

Carin House


" I have used Connor from Burton and Dogs for both overnight dog sitting and for in-house daycare when I can't work from home.  I would never call anyone else the next time I have a need.  It's not just because he is professional, reliable, communicative, and trust-worthy--these things are all important and he embodies them fully.  The coolest part is that he genuinely cares about my dog, Walter!  You know how they say you can tell a lot about a person by how your dog reacts to meeting them?  Walter gets as excited to see Connor as he does when I come home from work.  That butt wiggle doesn't lie!!!  When Connor sits with Walter, he doesn't just chill on the couch and manage the dog--he actively engages him, exercises him, and keeps him mentally stimulated.  How do I know this?  He posts Instagram updates with time stamps every time they do something fun, so if I am missing Walter or just want to check in to see how he's doing, I can instantly see what they've been up to.  Walter always looks so happy--and he's joyfully exhausted when I get home.  Connor even picks up poop in the backyard--even when I've told him he doesn't have to.  It really says a lot about how thoughtful he is.  I'm so thankful to Connor and Burton and Dogs because I never stress or worry about Walter when they are with him!  I highly recommend their services."


Super Easy Signup Process

Click the button below to begin. You'll be re-directed sign up form. This process is free, and no credit card information will be asked of you. Please allow up to 24 hours for one of the Burtons to reach out so that we can confirm any relevant details. If you experience any issues, you can call or text us during normal business hours at 480-448-6839. Or email anytime:

Our ultimate mission

This is more than just a dog walking company. Our ultimate mission is to jumpstart an entirely new marketplace incentive in the United States based on a concern for human and animal well-being. We will have succeeded when companies across all industries begin investing more in their communities as a means to try and retain customers and attract new business. Our vision therefore spans beyond Pet Care. It requires that we both: 1) set a high example for what a business can be, and 2) generate enough widespread enthusiasm about our brand so that other businesses may follow suit and join us in our efforts to navigate up the peaks of positive human and animal experience.

But, stated in one sentence, in as simple a way as possible, our mission is to increase well-being. By hiring us, you are enabling our team to achieve this mission and investing in the health of your pets at the same time.

Our primary mission

Our primary mission is to provide the best pet care services in the world. Achieving this mission will require persistent dedication and effort towards maintaining positive customer relations through daily communication, which is one of the most important tools for our pet care providers. In service of our primary mission, the goal for all service providers at Burton and Dogs is to achieve perfect customer satisfaction scores each month. We strive to go above and beyond for every animal we care for in order to make sure that they are comfortable and happy.

Of course, mistakes will be made and accidents will happen. But each mistake, rather than being something to hide, is an opportunity to communicate. Customers value honesty and transparency from business. Our primary mission, therefore, requires that from us.

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Burton and Dogs Inc

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