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More Than Just Dog Walking

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Dog Walking. Pet Sitting. Making Happy.

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

~Albert Einstein

About Us

What Do We Believe?

Burton and Dogs is about Dogs. We love dogs!  And it's also about more. We believe that our animals are more important to human flourishing than they get credit for. We believe that when we invest in dogs, we make them - and ourselves - happier. Our goal is to explore that possibility with you.

Who Are We?

Burton and Dogs is a family-managed, incorporated Dog Walking and Pet Sitting company that focuses on individual neighborhoods. We are your local sitters. Our job is to invest our time and energy into your pups, so that you can go to work, take a vacation, and rest easy knowing that your dogs are happy.

What Can We Do?

We aim to provide the best pet care services in the world. We can walk your pups in the morning, drop by for a quick potty break during the workday, and House Sit in your home when you're away. We'll provide excellent, high-resolution time-stamped photos, notify you of our arrival and departure times, and allow you to track our location. We'll respect your home and keep it clean. And we'll do it for a reasonable price.

How Do We 'Make Happy'?

Here's How

We Concentrate On Individual Neighborhoods

Burton and Dogs works because every neighborhood contains dogs that need exercise and attention, as well as people who believe in going above and beyond for their furry family members like we do.

We're Already Walking Dogs Right Down The Road

All of our dog clients live close by to one another, which allows us to set prices low - and then keep lowering them as more dogs enroll. We're local. If we're not active in your area, we may be soon. In the meantime though, when you think "Dog Walker in Ahwatukee" or "Pet Sitter in Phoenix," your next thought should be "Burton and Dogs!"

What Do We DO?

Our Services

Dog Walking - as low as $15/Walk*

  • 30-minute Walks
  • Group Walking and Solo Walking Options
  • High Quality, HD Photos
  • Time-Stamped Video and Photo Updates
  • Estimated Arrival Times + Post-Walk Report Cards
  • Low Cost, High Value

*Rates Go Down As More Dog Neighbors Enroll

House Sitting - as low as $35/Night*

  • Overnight Stays
  • Walks, Poop Scooping, and Mail Retrieval Included
  • 15+ Hours spent In-Home/Day
  • Time-Stamped Video and photo Updates
  • Live Time Cards and Location Tracking Through Google
  • Low Cost, High Value

*Our Calendar Fills Fast, So Book Now!

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Potty Breaks and Feedings - as low as $15/Visit

  • 20 to 45-Minute Visits
  • Quality Time With Your Animals
  • Time-Stamped Video and Photo Updates
  • Post-Visit Report Cards
  • Daily Estimated Arrival Times
  • Vacation Solutions and Regular Workday Solutions

What Do People Say About Us?

Our Yelp Reviews

Mary Bogdanov

"I use Connor for morning dog walks and overnight stays when I go out of town. He is the absolute BEST! He is so trustworthy and truly loves both dogs and cats so much that I know he is going to give my pets top priority. My dogs sit by the window each morning waiting for their walk with him. He's very accommodating and flexible with schedules to make dog walking and housesitting super easy with me. I wouldn't use anyone else to look after my pets and house."

Danielle and Josh

"We have used Connor twice now for when we left on vacation and I couldn't be happier! It so hard to find someone you trust to care for your pets like family and to come to your home while you aren't there. My dogs are my life so leaving them was really hard for me but Connor is the BEST! He really made the extra effort to make sure my dogs were taken care of during my vacation and sent me text and picture updates throughout the day. You can really tell he has a passion and love for animals. I would seriously recommend him to anyone!!! Also we have a 250 lb dog and a 10lb dog and he was great with both :) he even took Gimli, our English mastiff (250lbs) on walks, which isn't easy to do and he was amazing." 

Carin House

" I have used Connor from Burton and Dogs for both overnight dog sitting and for in-house daycare when I can't work from home.  I would never call anyone else the next time I have a need.  It's not just because he is professional, reliable, communicative, and trust-worthy--these things are all important and he embodies them fully.  The coolest part is that he genuinely cares about my dog, Walter!  You know how they say you can tell a lot about a person by how your dog reacts to meeting them?  Walter gets as excited to see Connor as he does when I come home from work.  That butt wiggle doesn't lie!!!  When Connor sits with Walter, he doesn't just chill on the couch and manage the dog--he actively engages him, exercises him, and keeps him mentally stimulated.  How do I know this?  He posts Instagram updates with time stamps every time they do something fun, so if I am missing Walter or just want to check in to see how he's doing, I can instantly see what they've been up to.  Walter always looks so happy--and he's joyfully exhausted when I get home.  Connor even picks up poop in the backyard--even when I've told him he doesn't have to.  It really says a lot about how thoughtful he is.  I'm so thankful to Connor and Burton and Dogs because I never stress or worry about Walter when they are with him!  I highly recommend their services."

Pre-Order Now

Due to an increase in new service requests, Burton and Dogs is temporarily closed to everyone except those who've specifically received a promotional offer by mail. This is to ensure that our services do not degrade in value for any of our existing customers. We aim to provide the best pet care services in the world. To achieve this, it is important that we expand carefully, hire the right people, and remain focused on our primary goal, which is to enhance the lives of dogs. We look forward to meeting you. Place a pre-order today and help us generate demand and hire people. Thank you and Welcome to Burton and Dogs.

But Why?

We Are More Than Just A Dog Walking Company

Burton and Dogs is a Domestic Benefit Corporation. What does this mean? - it means that we are legally structured for the purpose of generating clearly specified - and measurable - public benefits. It's not just about profits or accumulating wealth for shareholders.

There is only one share, and one shareholder here.

What's important for us is that you know the answer to a simple question every company asks itself. That question is, 'what are we for?' Here's our answer: to jump-start an entirely new industry, a Caring Economy. In a Caring Economy, companies everywhere strive to earn your dollar - and loyalty - by investing in communities, in people, and in creative solutions to problems. That is the beacon which guides everything we do. We want to prove that being in business for the purpose of increasing well-being is the best way to earn business.

But now the difficult part, which is how.

Answer: we'll do it one step at a time, with your help, and with a bunch of dogs by our side.

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