Burton Yellow Inc.

Home and Office Construction... With a Twist

Burton Yellow Inc is a company created to employ the homeless and, through employment, house the homeless. It is also an attempt to provide affordable home-and-office solutions to the general public.

This idea seems to be possible by virtue of the (largely unknown) power of Passive Construction design technologies, which enable a team of no more than 4 or 6 people to build an entire home in less than a month - with just an electric screwdriver. 

Training? Not really needed.

Hard hats? Unnecessary.

Can you bring your pet to the construction site? Yes please.

Passive Construction homes are named after their agreeableness to the environment. These structures are energy-efficient, well-insulated, and eco-friendly. That's great. But crucially for the business model and specific mission of Burton Yellow Inc, just about anyone can put a pre-designed Passive House together - and the costs of doing so are much lower compared to traditionally built homes.

Imagine being able to create a house from the ground-up in an online design studio, place an order, and have the house built and ready for you to move in, just a couple of months later. Imagine if the company you paid to build your home used that money to hire the homeless, to pay them living wages, and to build homes for them too.

What you have in your head is the vision of Burton Yellow Inc.

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Passive construction originated in Sweden and has become increasingly popular in Germany and Austria. There are a few companies who have revolutionized the design aspects and are bringing them to market across the globe. Click the link to learn about one such company - PopUp House.

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"It started off by creating coats that turn into sleeping bags that we handed out for those living on the streets, but then quickly became about hiring the people that would need the coats in the first place, and creating that job opportunity that helps them get to that stable point in life that they always wanted."

Veronica Scott, Founder, The Empowerment Plan