"We will never have a perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naïve to work toward a better one."

~ Steven Pinker

The Vision Of Burton and Dogs | #MakingHappy

Our Beliefs

Every organization should believe in something. Here's our something.


Our Goals

Every company is trying to do something. Here are the dreams we chase.


Your Role

No one person or business can do anything alone. Here's how you can help.


Our Beliefs

Better Worlds Are Possible


We believe that our lives and the lives of our families and neighbors can be improved. However fortunate we are, things can always get better. No possible world is perfect, but by investing time and energy in the right things, we can improve the one we live in.

The Importance Of Dogs


We believe that our pets are a superabundant resource of happiness, and that it makes all the sense in the world to invest in them - not just for their sake, but for the sake of the people who love them. When we take care of animals, they take care of us too.

The Importance Of Community


Humans are social creatures. We want to belong and have some role to play. We want to connect with others over shared ideals and interests. At Burton and Dogs, we believe that dogs are that shared interest, that they embody worthwhile ideals, and that wherever they are, we belong. And dogs? They want to have a role too.

Well, they've found it.

Our Goals


Make Life Better - For You, Your Pups, And As Many Others As Possible

Dogs are at the center of everything we do. By investing time and energy in our animals, we hope to enhance not only their lives, but also those of the people we hire - and hire us - to take care of them. Burton and Dogs, ultimately, is about going above and beyond for dogs in order to enhance the lives of everyone.


Employ Veterans, "Underdogs," And Good People

In order to go above and beyond for dogs, amazing people must be involved to care for them. Many such people exist in Arizona and have yet to find a role in the marketplace that takes full advantage of their skills, compassion, and dedication to achieving team-oriented goals. We want to hire these individuals.


Dog Hotels. Dog Daycare Homes.

If you've ever searched for Dog Daycare and Boarding services, you're probably aware that the options often leave much to be desired. At Burton and Dogs, we want to provide actual homes you can take your pups to. Big homes. With areas to run, play, socialize, and explore. And maybe a cafe open to the public. And a pet-friendly Airbnb? It's a dream at this point, but we're serious about it.


Animal Rescue


There are thousands of dogs who don't have a home and we want to change that. We want Arizona to be an environment in which anyone who wants a dog should get a dog - because we'll be right down the road to take care of them. We want to open up cage-free shelters in the homes we acquire for Dog Daycare.

Animal Health Care


When you purchase services from us, we want to be there for that dog -  not just as a for-profit company that provides specific things you pay for, but as a buffer between your animal and all unnecessary suffering. To this end, we'd like to be able to offset the costs of veterinary services for clients - just because we can.

Dog Hotels And Daycare Homes

Getting Your Money's Worth

The current marketplace for Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare is uninspired, impersonal, and boring. It's also quite often overpriced, given that you can hardly ever tell whether your dog is getting the care they deserve. But what if you were able to take your pup to a giant home that was outfitted for dogs and had a big backyard? That's not boring. That's called getting your money's worth!

More than Just Dog Daycare

Burton and Dogs is more than a Dog Walking company, remember? Just the same, these homes will be more than just places you send your dogs while you're away. They will be engines of economic rehabilitation and opportunity for people in Arizona.

Your Role

If you believe in the things we do, there are a few ways you can join us in Making Happy. Burton and Dogs is currently a very small company with clients in the Ahwatukee and South Phoenix areas, but we look forward to growing. Your involvement makes that possible.

We thank you for your support. Welcome to Burton and Dogs!

Hire Us


Need a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter? Book an appointment with us and sign up for services. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs and go above and beyond for your pets. We look forward to serving you and your community.

Tell Others About Us


You can get involved by telling your neighbors about us. Tell your friends, follow us on social media, "recommend" us on Nextdoor, share our website on Facebook - anything that spreads awareness of our being here for dogs.

Apply For A Job


Do you love animals? Want to make a difference in your community? Join the Burton and Dogs team. We're growing and will need to fill Dog Walking and Pet Sitting positions soon. We're also looking to hire Brand Ambassadors as well! 

Send Us Your Ideas


If you have a good idea and want to share it with us, never hesitate to do so. Are you a business owner with a product or service we might be interested in? Are you a dog owner with a unique service need? We want to know about it.



Maybe you're out of state or don't have a dog, but still believe in our vision and want to help out. Feel free to support us through our contribution portal below. All funds will go toward achieving the goals laid out on this page. Thank you.

Support Our Vision

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and discover what happiness is possible when we put dogs first. All donations will fund our vision, as laid out on this page.

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