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Dogs In Ahwatukee

Ralphie! (Andante Apartments)

Ralphie is the first Dog Walking Client at the Andante Complex in Ahwatukee. He is super nice and interacts well with other pups. He enjoys his workday walks and likes to run around in the enclosed doggy area at the apartment complex.

Welcome to Burton and Dogs, Ralphie!

Walter (Ahwatukee Foothills)

Walter is an energetic pup who loves to run around his backyard, playing keep-away with us and his tennis ball. Walter's human parents hire us to House Sit for him when they go out of town.

Harley and Rose (Mtn. Park Ranch)

Harley and Rose are wonderful pups who love their morning walks with Burton and Dogs. Harley is talkative and likes to greet other dogs with a friendly "Rrrruufff!"

Hank and Molly (Mtn. Park Ranch)

Hank and Molly live right next to Mountain Pointe High School. We get hired to House Sit for them and also occasionally drops in on them for a Potty Break Visit! They are so cute!